Is it good to get your ears professionally cleaned?

Earwax, which is made up of glandular secretions, lubricates and shields the external ear canal. However, it can get impacted and produce a blockage, which affects the ear’s natural self-cleaning process. 

To clean the ears, cotton buds are frequently utilized. They are widely used because they are available, simple to use, and appear to be effective. Do they, though? Are you certain cotton buds can adequately clean your ears? Or do you risk damaging your ears (and eardrum) each time you insert such objects with narrow tips into your ear canals?

We strongly discourage removing impacted earwax by yourself since doing so might push it farther into the canal and cause complications such as tinnitus, hearing loss, or ear infections. It is best to leave stubborn ear wax to the professionals who have the necessary equipment to safely execute ear wax removal procedures. 

Fort Bend Hearing offers professional ear wax removal and ear cleaning services in Sugar Land, TX. 

Causes of earwax buildup

Ear wax can be pushed further into the ear canal by inserting cotton swabs, hair pins, or other tiny items in your ears, which could trigger a blockage. If you wear earbuds or hearing aids regularly, wax accumulation is also more likely to occur. Putting these tiny electronics in your ears may unintentionally clog the ear canals and stop earwax from draining.

Why is professional ear cleaning beneficial?

Professional ear cleanings can help improve your hearing, prevent infections, and promote overall hearing health. Furthermore, audiologists may assess the overall health of your ears and provide any maintenance or recommendations to keep your ears in perfect health.

When you get your ears professionally cleaned, you don’t face the danger of unintentionally hurting or puncturing your ears. Because the ears are very fragile, one mistake might lead to devastating consequences, including hearing loss.

What happens during professional ear cleaning?

Professional ear cleaning performed by a professional is often quick and painless. During the procedure, your ears will be cleansed, and an audiologist will utilize safe and effective techniques and tools to dissolve and eliminate the hardened wax. After the procedure, you can expect your ears to feel cleaner and fresher. You could also notice that your hearing is much clearer than before.

Audiologists may have various tools and techniques to clean the ears. Some common ear-cleaning methods include irrigation, suction, or manual methods that involve special tools like a cerumen spoon, forceps, or some other suction device.

Whatever tools or technique is used, you are guaranteed to have a safe and efficient ear-cleaning procedure if it is performed by a skilled and professional audiologist.

Does getting your ear professionally cleaned hurt?

The answer to the question of whether removing ear wax hurts is no. It is a quick and safe procedure that doesn’t involve the use of anesthesia or any other specialized drugs to manage pain or discomfort. It may be completed in about 30 minutes. In fact, you won’t feel much at all.

What happens if you don’t clean your ears for years?

When earwax begins to accumulate in our ears, a condition known as impaction, it can cause issues with our hearing. Hearing loss, earaches, a feeling of ear fullness, irritation in the ear, vertigo, ringing in the ears, and a cough are all signs of impacted earwax. Hearing loss can result from ear wax accumulation. 

Don’t wait until you encounter hearing troubles. If you haven’t had your ears professionally cleaned in your entire life, this is your sign. See an audiologist and get your hearing checked!

How often should you get your ears professionally cleaned?

At least twice a year. You may need to visit an audiologist more often if you are experiencing other hearing issues. 

Professional Ear Cleaning in Sugar Land, TX

Fort Bend Hearing provides professional ear cleaning and earwax removal in Sugar Land, TX, and nearby locations.

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