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Oticon is a world-renowned hearing aid manufacturer committed to providing premium hearing solutions built on their proprietary BrainHearing™ technology. All Oticon hearing aids are powered by BrainHearing technology engineered to support the brain’s natural process of making sense of sound.

Oticon Brain Hearing Technology

The ears and the brain are closely connected, which is why when there is a problem with hearing, the brain is significantly affected in more ways than one. With this in mind, Oticon has specifically designed its hearing aids to be brain-friendly hearing aids.

Through Oticon’s BrainHearing technology, Oticon hearing aids provide full access to the full sound scene, allowing the brain to work more effectively despite any hearing issues.  When you use Oticon hearing aids, your brain can receive quality sound information without necessarily working too hard to pick up and comprehend sounds.

With less listening effort, the brain is more relaxed which promotes overall wellness.

Below are the latest Oticon hearing aids available at Fort Bend Hearing:

Oticon More

Oticon More is patterned with how the human brain learns through experience. Powered by the revolutionary BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon More gives the brain a much-needed boost so it can make better sense of sound that leads to better speech understanding with less listening effort.

Oticon Opn S

Ideal for people with on-the-go lifestyles, Oticon Opn S offers a full day’s power with a rechargeable, long-wearing battery. Sound-wise, Oticon Opn S offers an unrivaled sound experience – rich, clear, but not too overpowering.

Oticon Xceed

This is designed for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. Oticon Xceed is powerful enough to provide outstanding hearing solutions even when the wearer is in a large, noisy room or open area.

It’s not surprising that Oticon Xceed is tagged as the world’s most powerful hearing aid as it offers 360° access to speech for an authentic open sound experience. Users also don’t have to worry about whistling and feedback. Oticon Xceed literally exceeds expectations with premium sound quality and less listening effort.

Oticon Ruby

Oticon Ruby is a behind-the-ear hearing aid created for mild to severe hearing loss. Aside from improving speech understanding in various listening situations, Oticon Ruby also offers wireless connectivity with high-quality streaming audio ideal for phone calls, videos, and more.

Oticon CROS Family

Oticon CROS devices are designed specifically for single-sided deafness. These devices are powered by dual-streaming technology that allows streaming of sound from a specific device while still allowing relevant sounds in the environment to be recognized.

Oticon ITE

Looking for a personalized hearing solution from Oticon? Oticon ITE can be customized for your specific hearing requirements. Available in five styles and colors and a wide range of sound processing and convenience features, Oticon ITE is a highly-recommended option for individuals looking for discreet and invisible hearing devices.

Oticon Siya ITE

Oticon Siya ITE is designed to capture and amplify the natural details of sounds for that authentic, rich sound experience. These devices help improve speech understanding with better sound quality, easy wireless connectivity, and effective noise reduction.

Oticon OPN Play

Children with hearing loss need a reliable hearing aid that can withstand a child’s active daily routine. Oticon OPN Play is powered by cutting-edge, child-friendly technology that supports a child’s learning and development. Kids can enjoy 360º access to their surroundings which can greatly help them differentiate between sounds and noise.

Oticon Xceed Play

This is the world’s most powerful pediatric hearing and the only hearing device on the market that offers an open sound experience for kids with severe to profound hearing loss. Oticon Xceed Play is backed up by a groundbreaking technology that helps prevent feedback so that the child can enjoy up to 20% speech details with a clearer and stable speech signal – all of which are essential to language learning and development.

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Are you ready to hear better?

Fort Bend Hearing provides comprehensive preventative, diagnostic and rehabilitation hearing services for pediatric and adult patients. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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